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School Hours: 8:45 AM to 3:20 PM
Grade Distribution: JK to Grade 8
Student Enrollment: 155

Assumption has a curious and lengthy history of name changes as well as a number of locations.  After the turning of the first sod in May, 1946, construction went ahead rapidly for the first Catholic School in Aylmer. The school was called Our Lady of Sorrows. Although the school was not quite completed in time for the opening of classes, the children suffered no loss of time as classes were conducted in the church (which was only a basement at the time) until the official opening took place on the 20th of September, 1946.


Our Lady of Sorrows School served as a grade one to eight school. Shortly after, a second building was built and it was called Assumption School. In a third construction, two rooms, a small library and an office were built along with a hallway, combining the two schools. With this construction, Our Lady of Sorrows School and Assumption were amalgamated to become Assumption School.  High school children attended and continue to attend St. Joseph’s in St. Thomas. 


Meanwhile, in the county, in the early fifties, four rural schools were built. They were: Holy Rosary in south Malahide, St. Joseph’s in Vienna, St. Kevin’s in Belmont and Our Lady of Fatima in North Malahide. Busing systems were developed and the children of Elgin County were all given the opportunity to receive a Catholic Education. All of these schools, both in Aylmer and the township, were operated by trustees specific to each school.  


Our first amalgamation occurred in the late 60’s when Elgin County formed a unified school board called the Elgin County Separate School Board. Gradually the small rural schools closed in north Malahide, Belmont and Vienna, leaving Holy Rosary. Children were bussed to either Assumption or to Holy Rosary. In the mid-70’s Assumption and Holy Rosary amalgamated.  


The primary children attended Holy Rosary and the junior and intermediate students attended Assumption. The school was appropriately named Assumption-Holy Rosary. The final school closing occurred in 1983 when Holy Rosary closed its doors and all of the children were bussed to Aylmer.  Students from Kindergarten to Grade eight attended Assumption-Holy Rosary School.  Assumption School has seen a few additions, renovations, the addition of a gym, portables, and the purchase of the Kinderhouse.  


The final name change removed Holy Rosary leaving us as we were in the beginning...Assumption School. Our second amalgamation occurred in January 1998 when Elgin joined with London, Middlesex and Oxford boards to form the London District Catholic School Board. The most recent construction was completed in 2003. It is with anticipation and interest that we look forward to the continued growth and development of Assumption School.​

Our Parish

16 John St S, Aylmer, ON, N5H 2C4

Living Our Faith

The staff and students of Assumption Catholic School are engaged in a faith-based education. The expectations for the Ontario Catholic School Graduate are infused in the curriculum and school activities. Assumption Catholic School works closely with the parish, Our Lady of Sorrows, in the preparation of students for the sacraments, school masses, para-liturgies and community outreach.
We share close ties with the Youth Minister who provides after school youth group experiences, organizes assemblies, shares in music ministry, and works in partnership to provide retreat opportunities. We endeavour to contribute to the common good in visible ways. 

Transportation Information

Assumption Catholic School serves a broad geographical area. Approximately 80% of our students are transported by bus to school daily. Bus delays and cancellations can be viewed on the Board website www.ldcsb.on.ca or www.mybigyellowbus.ca

School Safety

Procedures and protocols that address the safety and dignity of all students are outlined in our Family Handbook. Hard copies of the Handbook are included in the front of the Agenda provided for each student.​​